Saturday, October 31, 2009

WOW it's Saturday already, this week has just flew by. Probably because I am trying to get money together to pay my electric bill among others. If you see this then you need to go to my webshotss page and check out my sale. It is at:
Then just email me at : and let me know what you want. I will even work on the prices a little if you ask nice. Well I got in a little stitching this week but I also had to do a little frogging too. I wish he would leave here for a while and let me make some progress on Maggie the Messmaker. I hope to get to change colors soon. First it was black and now it is white and cream. I can't wait to get up into the pretty colors. I'm going as fast as I can but in the wrong direction, that's the story of my life. LOL
Well I am off to stitch and pray that lots of people are shopping on my album. Good night all.

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